Project Description

The Aguapé Boat Hotel

The Structure

The vessel, intended for the carriage of passengers, authorized for inland waterway navigation – area 2, has the capacity of 100 (one hundred) passengers for no overnight excursions and 36 (thirty-six) passengers for overnight trips (more 20 places for the crew).

Totally constructed and equipped in accordance with the safety standards legally required by the Brazilian Navy, the Aguapé is one of the safest and most stable boats on Cuiabá and Paraguay rivers because It is built on three floating tubes, instead of only two, as others. In addition, every year is taken from the river for inspection and general reform due to answer to the Brazilian Navy Security Protocol and provide you comfort and reliability.

In the year of 2016, it was expanded 10 meters, turning it into a river ship! It has a total of  17 Cabins suites and 4 collective restrooms (13 cabins suites for passengers plus 4 cabins suites for the crew and 4 more beds in the command cabin). Constructed of steel, the boat has 41 meters long and 8 meters wide the accommodations and areas are distributed on 1st deck, 2nd deck and deck solarium and meet all norms and safety equipment. There are 02 (two) propulsion systems and 02 (two) power generator, a pressurized water distribution system (hot and cold), parabolic antenna, and radio.

Command cabin with the necessary equipment; 08 (eight) cabins for passengers all equipped with box-bed and mattress of spring, air conditioning, minibar, bathrooms supplied with water (hot/cold) and 04 cabins more for the crew and non-crew professionals.

Climatized kitchen meeting all quality standards required by sanitary surveillance; air conditioning, panoramic American bar; Climatized main room for the meals and meetings, equipped with television and audio sound system for lectures and talks; 05 (five) cabins for passengers all equipped with box-bed and mattress of spring, air conditioning, minibar and bathrooms supplied with water (hot/cold).

Wide panoramic area with thermal protection cover, bar, barbecue area, tables, chairs, sun loungers, hammocks and a refreshing cascade shower.