Pantanal River Cruise 7D6N

Cuiabá > Porto Jofre > Aguapé Houseboat > Jaguar Photo Safari

Meeting your guide 06:30am at the hotel and proceed with transfer to the Pantanal, 100km paved to Poconé city and 145km dirt along Transpantaneira Park Road to Porto Jofre. There, we go into the Aguapé Houseboat  to have lunch already onboard and follow to the Meeting-of-the-Waters State Park,  that contains one of the Pantanal’s highest Jaguar concentrations. The animals, here, are used to humans presence and boats can often approach, keeping always a safe distance of, at least, 20 meters. Each day, after sunrise and breakfast, we go for safaris on radio-equipped speedboats, with great sightings chances for Giant Otters, Kingfishers, Howler Monkeys, and the main attraction – Jaguars. It is rare to come away from this Park without having seen at least a couple of cats. We will also encounter other interesting wildlife including Capybara, Caiman, and Anaconda. The birdlife here is also fantastic, with many different species present, including Jabiru Storks, Toucans, Trogons, Ibises, along with many other species. The next 2 nights, the Houseboat will be anchored just on the entrance of the State Park, not missing a single minute! (L,D)

Jaguar Photo Safaris | Cuiabá River

After breakfast, we start the boat safaris in the main search of the Jaguar, stopping to lunch on board and continuing the safaris in the afternoon. The area, to be explored today and tomorrow, is along the Cuiabá River and its tributaries, perfect to find Jaguars, Howler and Capuchin Monkeys, Giant Otters, Capybaras, Caimans, Anaconda and to many kinds of birds, including Hyacinth Macaw. Dinner and overnight on board. On the 3rd day, the end of afternoon we return to the boat already moving downsteam and continuing along the night toward the Amolar Hills (B.L,D)

Amolar Hills Appreciation > Paraguay River

Today, we explore in the morning, after breakfast, outing on land for a forest walk in search of monkeys, birds and also visiting a natural swimming pool, where it is possible to swim. There are chances to spot endemic species like the Bolivian Slaty Antshrike, Chaco Titi Monkey and more rare or difficult species to be found like Chaco Puffbird, Red-and-green Macaw, and Yellow-collared Macaw. Lunch on board, navigating upstream along the Uberaba and Gaiva Bays in the afternoon and overnight on the Paraguay River. (B.L,D)

Paraguay River > Taiamã Ecological Reserve

We wake up and the Aguapé continue its way, heading to the Taiamã Ecological Reserve. We spend the morning in the Aguapé for breakfast and to appreciate the Paraguay from a high point of view, as we pass by. After lunch, anchored by the Taiamã Reverve, in the afternoon we restart the speedboat  safaris, exploring the area looking for Jaguars, Giant Otters, Monkeys, Birds, Capybaras, Caimans. Dinner on board.  Tonight, the Aguapé will be anchored by the Taiamã Reserve.(B.L,D)

Taiamã Ecological Reserve > Descalvados > Baiazinha

Today, we start our speedboat safaris after breakfast still in the region of Taiamã Reserve and, after lunch onboard, continue the quest along the region from Descalvados to Barranco Vermelho, exploring the Paraguay River. (B.L,D)

Paraguay River > Cáceres > Transfer Cuiabá

After early breakfast, we start our last outing on speedboats looking for Jaguars and other riverine wildlife of the Paraguay River, returning to the Aguapé Houseboat to lunch already near the meeting of Jauru and Paraguay rivers. After lunch, packing and preparing to leave the boat at the town of Cáceres and have a 228km transfer to airport/hotel in Cuiabá. End of tour. (B,L)

Please note: This itinerary should be used as a guide only, and time schedule and anchoring place for overnight may be altered due to wheather and river conditions, group’s preferences, and circumstances beyond our control.

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Experience this unique approach of Pantanal’s wildlife and landscapes:

This Cruise goes along the two main Pantanal rivers, Cuiabá and Paraguay. Both these rivers are also the best Jaguar spots on Earth! On the Cuiabá river, we can explore the famous Porto Jofre region and the Meeting of the Waters State Park with the biggest jaguar concentration in the Americas. On the Paraguay River, we have the chance to explore the Taiamã Ecological Reserve, besides many channels and river bays, which are actually Nature sanctuaries that give us the opportunity to experience private spots of Jaguar and all kind of wildlife. On the stretch where these rivers meet, we find the Amolar Hills region, that is one of the most remote areas in the Pantanal, It is a key for all the Pantanal ecological system and also has an unforgettable scenic beauty. The unique landscape is composed by the river, its bays, and hills covered by amazing forests. 

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