Porto jofre Jaguar tour 5D4N  

Cuiabá > Pantanal, Pouso Alegre Lodge

Meeting in the morning (hotel or airport) and transfer to Poconé City (100km). Once there, we take the Transpantaneira Park Road, where we drive for 33km until Pouso Alegre Lodge’s entrance and 7km along the access road. Along the Transpantaneira begins our first wildlife highlights, like Caymans, Capybaras, many birds, and so on along the lodge road. We arrive at the lodge for lunch. After a break, at 3:30pm we go for the first safari inside the lodge, seeking for Deer, Coati, Tapir, Giant Anteater, Peccary, Armadillo and all kind of birds. It extends until the sunset and continues with a night safari, seeking for Ocelot, Tapir, Giant Anteater, Rabbit, Raccoon and much more. We return to the pousada a few moments before dinner, which is served at 7:30pm, and then overnight.

Pouso Alegre Lodge > Porto Jofre

Morning walk at 6:00am for sunrise, looking for the Hyacinth Macaw and other birds. After breakfast, served at 7:00 am, we drive to the entrance of the Espinheiro trail. Besides being a lovely walk in the forest, we have the opportunity to encounter 3 species of primate, Capuchin, Howler, and Marmoset. We come back to the lodge around 11:00am to pack and check-out after lunch, served at 12:30pm. During this afternoon, we drive 120km along the Transpantaneira to reach Porto Jofre, arriving around 5:30pm. Along the Transpantaneira, we always have a chance to spot wildlife, like Marsh Deer, Coatis, Giant Anteater, an enormous variety of birds and also the Yellow Anaconda, which can be found warming itself in the sun along the road. Dinner served at 7:00pm, and overnight.

Porto Jofre

Full day dedicated to Boat Safari. After breakfast, at 6:00am we go on a Boat Safari in search of the marvelous Jaguar. And we will also be seeking for the Giant Otters, Monkeys, Capybaras, Porcupine, Storks, Herons, Kingfishers and much more. Return around 12:00pm for lunch and break. Restart the Boat Safari at 2:00pm, returning at the sunset. Our safaris are along the Cuiabá River, inside the Meeting of the Waters State Park and around it. Plus all the amazing wildlife, we have a fantastic landscape, from big rivers to narrow and charming channels. Dinner served at 7:00pm and overnight.

Porto Jofre > Cuiabá

One more full morning of Boat Safari, seeking for Jaguars, Giant Otters, and all the riverine wildlife. Return for lunch at 12:00pm and check-out at 1:00pm. Transfer back to Cuiabá, arriving at the city around 6:00pm.


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